Success Is Not What it Seems

Mindfulness has helped me find true success in life. Since young I defined success as having lots of money and external recognitions, and tend to look up to people who are rich. Now I see beyond my bank account and external awards.

As an experienced financial consultant since 2009, and having practised mindfulness and meditation for more than 10 years, I have met many people with fat bank accounts but sadly they still feel lack of abundance in their soul.

When I advise my friends and clients on financial management, I remind them to be mindful to master money instead of being enslaved by it.

True Success

True success has to be holistic, where what we own and who we are must align rather than conflict. I am on a mission to help others grow their wealth and health through Mindful Success – physical, mental, and financial wellness.

There are three parts in my mindful success series, walking meditation, mindfulness sharing (M.E.N.G Philosophy framework) and Enneagram personality coaching.

About Mindful Success

I must give all the credit for creating this film to my student Raven, who benefited from my walking meditation and Enneagram personality coaching sessions. She voluntarily created this video to help promote my movement so that more people can benefit from mindfulness and improve their mental wellness.

Join Me

Human connection has become challenging in today’s dynamic and fiercely competitive world. Depression cases are also on the rise, and many people are stress-eating and putting their physical well-being on the back burner.

Join me on my complimentary Mindful Success Programs and refresh your mind, body, and soul for a more successful life.

M.E.N.G Philosophy guide

MENG Philosophy guide mindfulness and meditation ver 5

NEW version 5.0. Receive a free Mindfulness and Meditation guide and start your mindfulness journey today.

Embrace Inner Peace: Your Guide to Mindfulness, Meditation, and Wellness version 5.0.

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Discover the Path to Serenity and Balance

Are you seeking a comprehensive resource to enhance your well-being and embrace a fulfilling life? Introducing our heartfelt guide on mindfulness, meditation, and overall wellness with this E-Booklet that holds the key to unlocking your inner potential.

Experience profound joy and peace through our unique M.E.N.G Philosophy framework: Mindfulness, Emptiness, Non-attachment, and Growth. 

✨ Authored by Meng Chan, a dedicated practitioner of mindfulness and meditation for over a decade, this guide is the culmination of wisdom and insights gained from personal experience.

💡 In this guide, you’ll discover:
✅ Practical techniques to cultivate mindfulness in your daily life
✅ Embracing emptiness to find clarity and peace within
✅ Letting go of attachment and embracing a sense of freedom
✅ Nurturing personal growth in all aspects of your life
✅ A meditation guide to help you find tranquility and focus
✅ Insights on improving your physical, mental, and financial wellness

🔥 Bonus: Answer 10 Mindfulness Questions and Receive the “You and Your Mind” Book! worth $69.90 🔥

As a special gift, we invite you to answer 10 introspective mindfulness questions within the guide. Upon completion, you’ll receive a complimentary copy of “You and Your Mind,” a thought-provoking book that delves deeper into the power of mindfulness.

Designed for working-class individuals aged 40 and above, as well as anyone seeking to enhance their mental and financial well-being through mindfulness and meditation practices. 

Join countless others who have found solace and growth through this transformative guide. Embrace inner peace and unlock your true potential today!

My Mindful


Why did I embark on mindfulness, what does mindfulness has to do with success? Connect with me through my story.

I want peace & Success

Walking Meditation

Join me on a Free walking meditation session every weekend, and refresh your mind, body and soul for a more successful life.

I will share with you the method, and we will practice together. 

Have you meditated with your eyes open? You can do that with walking meditation.

During the walk, I will share with you my walking meditation method, and we will practise together. The total distance will be about 5 km, and the end point will be at the same location as the start point.

After the walk, we will have a debriefing session over tea or coffee, get to know one another better, and answer all your questions.

Optional: Apply sunscreen and bring sunglasses, a water bottle, and money if desired. So put on your comfortable shoes and join me.

Fee for public group session / Facebook group members: Pay as your wish, a cup of tea or a testimonial.

Fee for corporate/private session: $88/Pac

Date: 5,12,19,26 May 2024, Sunday
Time: 830am to 1030am
Venue: Marine Cove at East Coast Park

Students Testimonials

Whei Li Sound Healer

I got more than a meditation experience. Meng Chan is not only a good listener, he is able to empathize with me. With his knowledge and explanations, I now understand myself better. If you are going through a challenging time and you need some guidance or a listener, Meng Chan is the person to go to.

Rachel Wellness & TCM Specialist

I had a wonderful walking meditation session. I want to express my gratitude to him for the mind-blowing insight on mindfulness, meditation, relationships between men and women, and marriage. I also appreciate his guidance on personal branding, and how to promote myself and my business effectively. Thank you for your gracious time!

Kin IT Specialist

Meng Chan’s deep knowledge about walking meditation and his generous spirit in sharing life lessons have been invaluable to me. I have gained new perspectives in life from the knowledge he had generously shared.

John Tan Real Estate Broker

I did walking meditation with Meng and the walk is simple yet full of self discovery. The instructions he has given during the walk let me to be more ‘centered’ in terms of my thoughts. Also he has provided me with valuable insights on how to manage my self mastery.

Tan Swee Boon Executive Financial Consultant

Meng is knowledgeable in his mindfulness sharing. He is patient and, you can trust and learn from him. I will recommend his walking mediation to my friends, and I will join his walk again as I had learned a lot from him about meditation and awareness.

Kim Lim Senior Financial Services Manager

Thanks, Meng, for his selfless sharing of his mindful success. It is a door opener to help us define “success” from a different perspective. And his mindfulness & meditation practice sessions help us a lot in being aware of our thoughts and manage our emotions. It is so blessed to learn from him.

Soon Wee Hong Mechanical Engineer

So glad to join Meng on his walking meditation, a very different approach to sitting meditation. Meng gave a detailed explanation before, during, and after the walk made learning easy to understand. I will ask my friends to join and benefit from these unique calming experiences.

Alissa Li Operation Executive

Walking meditation with Meng taught me to calm my mind, and enjoy the "present" moment. Meng was really helpful and patient in leading us through the process. My thoughts are in harmony, and I feel so refreshed after the walk, very amazing experience!

Val Business Development Manager

Meng taught me my first walking meditation. So what did I get out of this walking meditation? Peacefulness, a relaxed mind. It is all about being present with myself, my thoughts, my breathing, and slowing down. Thank you, Meng!

Rachel Chen Social Service Manager

I join the walking meditation conducted by Meng Chan. Thanks for bringing this new method to my life for my mindfulness practice. He is a patient guy who is willing to spend time listening, chatting, and sharing life stories. He wants to promote mindfulness and mental wellness to more people. Awesome!

Aerilyn Heng Teacher

It was an eye-opener. Meng taught me a lot about meditation and the meaning of life. I also got to talk about my problems, and he patiently listened and gave me honest, wise feedback. Anyone who has questions or problems about life or to know more about mindfulness can join Meng, and I assure you will not be disappointed.

Lixia DHL Supply Chain

Very nice practice for the walk meditation and helpful to release pressure. Glad to talk to Meng, Learned a lot from him for mindful and meditation. Thanks a lot.

Peng Mei Xian Mediator

The Sunday experience is very good. It’s helpful to learn about mindfulness concepts of awareness in the present moment without judgment. Thank you.

Wally Fintech Specialist

I joined a Walking Meditation session; it was an excellent intro for someone new to meditation like myself. The focus was on practical tips that can be used immediately to increase self awareness! Meng even stayed around to talk about deeper and more personal struggles, and provided great perspective and guidance on the issues. Highly recommend.

Srinath Ramanujan CEO at Aasthy

Meng Chan is very helpful in taking one through the basics and then into the meaning. I, having practised meditation for the last few years, found walking meditation very exciting.

Hunny Nguyen Accountant

I recently stressed over my work and personal life. I learn what are awareness, mindfulness and emptiness. After 5kms of walking meditation, I feel better, the burden hooding heavily in the heart seem to be lighter. Meng Chan teach me not to reacting, worrying about the outcome but to accept things as it is. Like the weather, thing comes and goes. Wishing you pink of health and happiness!

Hareesh Nuthi IT Specialist

What truly stood out to me was the opportunity to put the concepts into practice. Under Meng’s guidance, I learned to synchronize my breath with my steps, bringing a sense of mindfulness and tranquillity to each stride. It was a unique and empowering experience, allowing me to tap into the present moment and fully immerse myself in the art of walking meditation.

Li Sun Engineer

What a wonderful Sunday morning walking and chatting with Meng Chen who introduced this new method of walking meditation. He is so patient to spend the time listening and sharing. 他的华文也很棒!谢谢 Meng Chan!

Janice Lim Founder of Mdm Janice Agency

Many Thanks to Meng! Yr kindness, patience & inspiration u have given me. U have enlightened & encouraged me to have more positive thinking & to have gratitude for all & count my blessings. U taught me how to live in the present by Mindfulness Meditation. I will continue to practise.

I want Clarity

Online Meditation & Mindfulness

Connect with me through this complimentary mindfulness sharing and meditation session on a self-exploration journey to obtain holistic success and peace in life. I will be sharing my M.E.N.G Philosophy framework.

Are you currently in search of success but end up feeling lost and uncertain about the future. Feeling stuck in life but yet had that strong urge to expand and grow. I can imagine your struggle, and as someone who had read many motivational and self-help books and only to find myself more demoralized and became addicted to motivational materials. I tried self-help affirmation and only to find the opposite polarity revealed itself after prolonged practice.

That was until I discovered mindfulness practice and attended a ten days silent meditation course. These practices provide me the space that helps me to distinguish between what is a psychological drama and what is existentially true. They also helped me better understand my thought process manage my feelings and emotions, find inner peace, improve on my focus, energy, and productivity.

Join me for a free basic meditation and mindfulness sharing session, and refresh your mind, body and soul for a more successful life. Learn how to practice basic meditation to better aware of your thoughts and manage your emotions, and we will practice together.

This is an interactive session (not a webinar), so please turn on your camera. Be in a comfortable area and lets practice meditation together.

Meditation helps to bring you back to the present moment, find inner peace and reach into your creativity and wisdom.

Fee for public group session / Facebook group members: Pay as your wish, a cup of tea or a testimonial.

Fee for corporate/private session: $68/Pac

I want Wealth

Financial Wellness

Meet me on Zoom or in person, for a complimentary 60-minutes mindful conversation on your financial wellness.

I invite you to explore a refreshing perspective on financial planning, one that transcends the notion of wealth as a means of enslavement. Let’s embark on a journey together, where we can unravel the true purpose of money and reclaim our financial freedom.

In our meeting, I aim to provide humble guidance, tailored to your unique circumstances. By understanding your goals, aspirations, and fears, I can assist you in creating a plan that aligns with your values and supports a life of fulfillment, rather than mere accumulation.

Remember, financial planning is not about being enslaved by money, but rather empowering ourselves to lead a purposeful and successful lives.

Looking forward to meeting you and embarking on this transformative journey together.

Client Testimonials

Evelyn Shipping Executive

Meng makes his clients feel like family and he always does his utmost best to assist me whenever is needed. He is a person who is truly honest and sincere and hardworking. I trust him and you should too.

Anthony Teo IT Manager

Thanks to Meng constant encouragement, I am much healthier and more energetic than before, as I have reached my ideal weight.

Wong Soon Meng Facility Senior Executive

With Meng's recommendation, constant check-ups, and listening ear, my family and I are free from financial and emotional burdens.

Gina Ang Fulltime Investor

Meng is by far one of the kindest, most caring, honestly-direct, and approachable individuals I know.

Anthony Khai Mechanical Engineer

9 years of excellent, dependable and trustworthy service and a good friend.

Si Hui Account Manager

Meng was recommended to me when I was looking for a trusted consultant. He gives the most honest and mindful advice regardless of work or personal. Meng is not the sweet talk type of consultant. He helps me to see my blind spot as a client and as a friend. And I trust him.

I want to be heard

Compassionate Listening

Meet me on Zoom for a complimentary 45-minutes of compassionate listening, where you talk and I listen.

Compassionate listening means creating a safe space for others to share their joys, sorrows, dreams, and fears without judgment. It’s about lending an open heart and attentive ear, offering solace, support, and guidance when needed most.

If you long for someone to listen to your story, to understand your challenges, or to help navigate life’s complexities, please know that I am here for you. Reach out to connect, and together, we can embark on a journey of compassionate understanding.

I want to know myself

Enneagram Personality discovery

Are you sick of feeling stuck and not knowing why? Do you want to realize your maximum potential and fully comprehend your strengths and weaknesses?
Our Enneagram personality coaching will assist you in gaining a better understanding of yourself, your motivations, and how to leverage your natural tendencies to achieve your goals.
Consider the possibilities and amazing things you could achieve if you genuinely understood yourself. Don’t pass up this fantastic opportunity to develop, succeed, and realize your full potential.
Sign up for this complimentary Enneagram coaching session today and embark on a self-discovery journey. Begin unleashing the true self right now!

Enneagram personality coaching is the most recent addition to my Mindful Success movement, which aims to assist more individuals with their mental well-being so that they can achieve self-mastery sooner and live a more peaceful and joyful life.


The Enneagram is a personality typology system that describes nine distinct personality types (total 27 types including sub-types) and their relationships to one another. It is often used for self-discovery and personal development, as well as for understanding and relating to others.

Complete the contact me form, provide your contact details, and I will email you a link to access the 180 personality questions. That will accurately help you find out your personality type. Once I receive the report from the Enneagram Academy, I will reach out and arrange your coaching session.

Yes, all programs here are complementary, except for the Enneagram personality test report, which will be S$28, as the academy charges me for. You may just buy me tea whenever we meet for the coaching session. I am providing 5 free coaching sessions  (worth S$125 per session)

Each coaching session will be approximately 3 hours per session, and take place at any café at East Coast Park or Parkway Parade. It is a one to one coaching session.

You do not have to prepare anything. You just need to be committed to attending all 5 coaching sessions with an open mind, and I will take care of the rest.

Yes, you may, as long as you are comfortable for that person to listen to your personal sharing of your life expriences, and you will not hold back during your sharing.

mindful success


It will be my pleasure to invite you to join my Mindful Success Facebook group. 2020 was an unforgettable year due to global pandemic. Some had gained from it but many are affected by it, and felt stuck in life. This triggered me to start my #mindfulsuccess movement, as I too had felt stuck in life before, it was not a good experience. Thus, I am on a mission to share my passion in mindfulness and meditation practice of more than 10 years (since 2012), to help more people achieve true success in life.


Knowledge Vault

Welcome you to my mindful success vault, which will eventually house over nine years of my mindfulness and meditation practice and research. I see the world in a different light now that I have discovered mindfulness, and it’s aided me in gaining my health and wealth on my path to success. Open the vault now and get to know about this ancient knowledge.
Join my Facebook Group for more mindfulness content.


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