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Mindfulness – Be Like a Coconut Tree

Mindfulness – Be Like a Coconut Tree

Mindfulness – Be Like a Coconut Tree. I saw a bunch of coconuts on the ground today while running in the late afternoon!

Coconut is such a versatile fruit! Utensils, coconut milk, oil, meat, water, butter, shredded coconut, and flour can all be made from it.

I want to be as practical as a coconut. I am skilled in financial planning, mediation, photography, cooking, and baking, among other things. Nonetheless, I compare myself to others.

Humans can’t help but compare themselves to others. And comparing ourselves is the most dangerous thing we can do because we will always fall short.

That is because we will only compare ourselves with someone who is at the top. All that comparison will exaggerate our insecurity. It is alright to enjoy and appreciate others’ success and learn from them.

And by the way, many curates their success on social media and is not their real life.

Thus, be like a coconut tree, as it will never turn into a raintree or pong-pong tree. It will just be itself, a coconut tree, continue to grow tall and bear useful coconut fruits.

I still remember when I was young, I try so hard to be cool. So I always went clubbing with my friends. It was so silly then I don’t even enjoy loud dance music. I prefer to enjoy my drink with soothing music or a place where there is a live band.

Do not try to be someone else because by doing so, you will lose yourself.

Do you agree? What do you think?
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