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Mindfulness, Boredom and Stillness

Mindfulness, Boredom and Stillness

Mindfulness, boredom, and stillness. Since I was young, I have had an active mind with endless thoughts arising in my head, constantly looking for activities. I remember one day when I was about age six, I got bored with my toys, and my sister did not want to play with me. And I got so bored, till I cried out of boredom. My mum came out of her room and was puzzled. Why was this boy crying out of the blue?

Now, whenever I think back on that incident, it was such a hilarious moment, but at that moment, I was really “bored to death” Have you ever been bored to the point of feeling helpless?

We have a pleasure-seeking mind. I learned that from my late master. Our minds constantly seek out things and situations to attach themselves to, especially those in the past and the future. By doing this, it can create an identity for itself while living inside us. Without mindful awareness, we will become our thought-created ego identity. Wait, did I mention our thought identity lives inside us? Is there one of us or two of us? Yes, it is a profound staff. Want to know more? PM me, and we can discuss this.

Currently, I do not feel bored much. But I do get people around me to remind me that I am boring. “Don’t you feel bored sitting there doing nothing during meditation?” “Don’t you feel bored eating vegetables every time?” “Don’t you feel bored doing nothing staying at home?” To me, having the time to do nothing is a luxury. With no appointments, no waiting for calls, meetings, or events to attend, it transmits such freedom to have the choice to do or not do anything. Who resonates with me on that? 

Practice of Stillness

Let me move on to stillness. Our minds tend to label, categorize, and are often judgemental. That happens so fast without us noticing. I found that practising “stillness” helps bring me back to the present moment. And I can truly appreciate what is in front of me with calming and peacefulness.

Practising stillness in nature works best for me. First with my sight, where I will look at a tree, a cloud, or the sea without labelling them with my thoughts. I will stand or sit there naturally, looking at it without labelling it as a tree, a cloud, or the sea. I will not categorise or judge them either. I will be mindful of them naturally, as they are moment by moment, aware that the trees are dancing softly in the wind. Or the clouds are moving slowly in the sky while they change their form. I will be mindful of the waves that are hitting the shore.

Next, I will be aware of the sounds surrounding me without labelling, categorizing, or judging them. The sound of the moving leaves, the swishing of the wave, birds chirping, or insects chirping, allows the stillness to flow. You can practise “stillness” by looking at the clouds or trees out of your windows and feel the calm and peace flow through you.

I can go on and on about stillness in mindfulness, as it is part of my M.E.N.G Philosophy Framework, and how to apply “stillness” in your work and life. And if you want to know more, connect with me. 

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