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My 10 days silent meditation practice in Hong Kong, 2012

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Join me for a complimentary on a self-exploration journey to obtain holistic success and peace in life. I will be sharing the M.E.N.G Philosophy Framework.

Are you similar to me? Searching for success but ending up feeling lost and uncertain about your future? Are you stuck in life but have a strong desire to expand and grow? I understand your struggle, and as someone who has read many motivational and self-help books only to become more demoralized and addicted to motivational materials, I can relate. I tried self-help affirmation, only to discover that the opposite polarity emerged after a long period of practice.

That is, until I discovered mindfulness practice and participated in a ten-day silent meditation course. These practices give me the space I need to tell the difference between what is a psychological drama and what is existentially true. They also assisted me in better understanding my thought process, managing my feelings and emotions, achieving inner peace, and increasing my focus, energy, and productivity.

Mindfulness Sharing

On this session, I will focus on part of my enhanced version M.E.N.G Philosophy Framework, you will learn how to better aware of your thought processes. Mindfulness practice will help you focus your attention and observe your thoughts and feelings without judgment, increase your ability to regulate emotions, and decrease stress, which will help you to live a happier and purposeful life.

DATE: 10 Sep 2021, Friday
TIME: 7pm to 8pm Singapore Time
TOPIC: Self Esteem and Mindfulness
VENUE: Online Zoom

Note: This is a video on, online interactive Zoom session, turn on your camera, grab your favourite coffee or tea and explore mindfulness together, and have a fun and productive day!

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Because of mindfulness and meditation practice, it helps make the change from the inside-out rather than outside-in. After attending my 10 days silent meditation course in 2012, I continue my daily meditation at home and explore and learn more about mindfulness through books, online material, and from my late master.
I hope that my nine years of mindfulness research will shed some light on your path to mindfulness and success.

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