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What to do when we are stuck in life?

Mindfulness - What to do when we are stuck in life?

Mindfulness – What to do when we are stuck in life.

I noticed the trees being trimmed today while running at East Coast Park. I was perplexed as to why NPark had to keep trimming those tall and lovely trees. That, I believe, is to ensure the safety of all park visitors.

That got me thinking about how, just like before Chinese New Year, we do spring cleaning. We should do “spring cleaning” on our minds as well. If we want to grow, we must cut away unproductive thoughts. and begin to promote healthy and productive practices like mindfulness.


Joining the right community, as well as developing habits and skills that will propel us forward, is essential. When I was training for my first full marathon (42km) about ten years ago, I had a lot of unproductive thoughts that eventually turned into self-doubts because I only had nine months.

Unproductive thoughts include: I am too slow, I am not psychically fit enough, and my stamina is insufficient to finish the race. And my legs always hurt after my weekly solo training, which is very discouraging. Knowing my flaws, I decided to seek assistance and join the SG Freedom Freaks running group. It was the best decision I’d ever made. It is a welcoming and supportive community where people share their knowledge and work together to achieve their goals.

Knowing my weaknesses, I decided to seek help and join a running group called SG Freedom Freaks. It was the best choice I ever made. It is a friendly and supportive community, sharing knowledge and working hard together towards the same goal.

With the help of the community

With the help of the community, I began to cut away at my unproductive thoughts.

And, thanks to my efforts, I finished my first full marathon in six hours and fifteen minutes. Thus, with the right skills, knowledge, and community, we can shave off the unproductive thoughts that weigh us down and turn into self-doubt.

Joining the right group or community is one of the best ways to improve our skills and knowledge. We are frequently stuck in life because we do not know how to achieve our objectives. Productive thoughts will flow once we have the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindset.

Most importantly, no one can finish your race and cross the finish line for you. You must put in the effort.
What unproductive thoughts do you want to get rid of, and what practices and habits do you want to implement in your life right now?

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