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How to Be Successful with Mindfulness

How to Be Successful with Mindfulness?

How to Be Successful with Mindfulness? To be successful is to do something you are passionate about every day and feel happy and satisfied doing it. And as a by-product, it generates income for you and value for others.
That sounds simple enough, but the challenges we face can be any of the following.
Firstly, we do not know our passion (calling/purpose). Secondly, we can recognize our passion/calling/purpose but hold back due to fear of rejection or failure. Thirdly, we do not know how to make it happen, and lastly, will be other causes and conditions which stop us from moving forward.
Mindfulness practice helps bring your mind back to the present moment, thus quieting other thoughts. You may then ask yourself, “what do I want in my life?” Thoughts will naturally arise; do not cling or grasp at them. What you need to do is to be aware. Be aware of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions arising.
In the beginning, our thoughts will often be from the five poisons of our mind, which are ignorance, pride (ego), jealousy, desire, and anger. Thus, your thoughts will focus mainly on the ‘I’ example. I want to be rich. I want a big house and a big car. You will have many layers of “thoughts” to penetrate before you can tap into your true nature, your all-knowing mind, your wisdom.
It takes time to discover your passion, be patient, and continue to apply mindfulness in your daily life. Be aware of your feelings, thoughts, emotions, and also your motives.
And when you can recognize your passion/calling/purpose but hold back due to fear of rejection or failure. Do not fight or push it away, but embrace it tenderly. And be aware of those feelings and observe those feelings without clinging or grasping. All you have to do is keep an eye on your thoughts and emotions. Your feelings and emotions will become your great teacher. You may discover, for example, it is your pride that is preventing you from moving forward.
Back in 2009, when I started my financial consulting business, my mentor left the business one month later after he recruited me. It was like drifting alone in the ocean and feeling helpless. But I am determined to succeed and will keep trying. Even so, I was struggling to break through year after year and felt stuck in life.
In 2012, I decided to attend a ten-day silent meditation course alone. And that changed everything for me. I continued to practice my meditation daily after completing the course and witnessed the transformation of my business and my life. I started achieving breakthroughs year after year as my fear of rejection and failure slowly dissolved. 
Previously, I only saw my business as an income source. After practicing meditation, I started to see my financial consulting career as a channel for me to practice my loving-kindness and compassion for all my clients and their family members.
Another way to be successful much quicker is to have a mentor. And if you do not have a mentor, engage a coach who specializes in that area of your work or passion. It is also helpful by joining the right community, as they will give you the courage to move forward when you know they’ve got your back.
Lastly, mentors, coaches, and the community are like signboards, pointing you in the correct direction. Thus, you will not get lost and achieve your goals as well as value-add others faster. But success is like running a marathon. You have to put in the work, and no one can run the race for you, and you have to cross the finish line yourself.
May you find your purpose and achieve mindful success.
What is your passion?

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