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Meditation is Not Controlling of Your Thoughts.

Meditation is Not Controlling of Your Thoughts.

Meditation is not controlling of your thoughts. But before I attended my ten days course in 2012, I asked people what it is,  I got answers like it is about emptying your mind, thinking about nothing, a complete focus on a single thought or object, controlling your thoughts, etc.
One unforgettable encounter in 2010 while I was cold prospecting at Roxy Square, I went into a hair saloon wanted to prospect the owner. She was talking to a Chinese man, and she introduces this so-called Master to me. She kept praising him for how good he was. So I asked him what meditation is and how to practice it? He replied, “oh! meditation is like fishing.” And I got confused.
Eventually, I know that meditation is about (mindfulness) meditative awareness where the method is simple. It helps us to better aware of our thoughts. When we are aware of our thoughts through meditative awareness, it will help reduce procrastination and not be attached to the outcome of every event we encounter.
Meditation helps bring us back to the present moment. And find inner peace and reach into our default inner qualities like creativity and wisdom.
How do you stop your thoughts from controlling you?

I would like to invite you to join my Mindful Success Facebook group. 2020 was an unforgettable year due to global pandemic. Some had gained from it but many are affected by it, and felt stuck in life. This triggered me to start my mindful success movement, as I too had felt stuck in life before, it was not a good experience. Thus, I am on a mission to share my passion in mindfulness and meditation practice of more than 9 years, to help more people achieve true success in life.


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