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Why Practice Mindfulness and Meditation?

Why practice mindfulness and meditation?

Mindfulness and meditation trends are often confused with motivation and positive thinking, but they are different. As motivation and positive thinking, they make the change from the outside-in. Mindfulness and meditation practice make a change from the inside-out.
For example, positive thinking requires you to think of or do something positive to trigger a sensation that creates a positive emotion. Therefore, it is outside-in where it requires us to add thoughts upon thoughts to our minds. In mindfulness practice, we bring our mind back to the present moment and focus on our meditative awareness without pushing or pulling thoughts towards us. We maintain equanimous. 
Mindfulness practice helps you become better aware of your thought processes and better manage your emotions. Meditation practice brings you back to the present moment. And it helps to manage stress, find inner peace, and enables you to tap into the true qualities of your true self, like loving-kindness and compassion, and wisdom.

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