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Mindfulness and Awareness is like the Sky

Mindfulness and Awareness

Mindfulness and awareness. There will be a time when the space in the sky is clear, sunny, rainy and even thunderstorms. The weather in the sky changes, but the nature of space in the sky does not change. It is always free, present, and pure.

Awareness is like space and is always behind our thoughts, perceptions, feelings, and emotions. Our thoughts and feelings are like the weather will keep changing, but our awareness does not.

Our awareness will always be there for us. Thus, when you face troubling feelings like fear of rejection or failure, do not fight or push them away but embrace them tenderly. And be aware of those feelings and observe those feelings, no clinging or grasping. You only have to be the watcher of your emotions.

For the first few minutes, when we practice meditation, it will be very simple and easy. As we sit for longer periods of time, the difficulty increases. This is the point at which our mind becomes stronger as we practice meditation on a regular basis.

And as our minds become stronger, so does our awareness capacity. We will also notice that we cling to fleeting thoughts less frequently.

Thus, when meditating, you will be aware of the space between you and your thoughts. And because of that space, your feelings and emotions will become your greatest teacher.

Did anything happened to your life that eventually became your greatest teacher?

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